UNIX-1.14 curl command basics

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With curl, you can download or upload through any protocol, http, ftp, sftp, scp, ldap, telnet.
curl http://www.yahoo.com -o output.html
curl -O http://www.yahoo.com/index.html
curl -# -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt -o sample.txt # the -# adds progress bar
curl -r 0-99 -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt# get first 100 bytes
curl -r -500 -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt # get last 500 bytes
echo “Hello World” | curl -T – -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample2.txt
curl -T UNIX-1.14 -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/unix
curl -T localfile1 servername/remotefile1 -T localfile2 servername/remotefile2
curl -T UNIX-1.14 -u yue:fuzicast -a ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/unix # append to FTP file
curl –ftp-create-dirs -T UNIX-1.14 -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/unix/test.txt
curl –limit-rate 10240 -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt # limit number of bytes per second
.curlrc # curl configuration file
curl -u yue:fuzicast -z sample.txt ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt # download remotefile only if it’s newer than localfile
curl -z “Jan 12 2012” -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt # download remote file only if it’s newer than Jan 12 2012
curl -B -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt # enforces ASCII transfer during FTP download
curl -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt –create-dirs -o sampledir/sample.txt# create directory if not exist
curl –key id_rsa # use SSH key
curl -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost -Q ‘RNFR /fuzicast/sample.txt’ -Q ‘RNTO /fuzicast/sampleyue.txt’ # rename a remote file in FTP protocol
curl -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost -Q ‘rename /fuzicast/sample.txt /fuzicast/sampleyue.txt’ # rename in SFTP is different from FTP
curl -R -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/sample.txt -o output.txt # reserve original file timestamp
curl -l -u yue:fuzicast ftp://ftphost/fuzicast/ # list remote filenames
curl -m 1800 -Y 3000 -y 60 servername/filename # speed must be greater than 3000 bytes per second for a minute and download process must be completed within 1800 seconds, otherwise the download will abort

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