About Fuzicast

Fuzicast.com is dedicated to free online education for people who are interested in technology. Our tutorials are aimed to be the most comprehensive tutorials where you will learn from beginner to advanced level so you will be prepared for your next job interview.

Facebook: facebook.com/fuzicast
Twitter: @fuzicast
Youtube: youtube.com/fuzicast

6 thoughts on “About Fuzicast

    • Hi JDragon, thanks for watching the videos. Currently I’m trying to finish UNIX tutorials, but you can definitely see Eclipse videos in the future. Thanks again for watching! :))

  1. Excellent work , loving your tutorials and the depth you go into in explain them. I hope you will continue to grow this site as it rox

  2. hey Foozee, you are the man. Love all your tutorials! there were several things/tools that I’ve struggled to learn over the past 18 months when I switched to Linux and BSD on all my machines and after one specific video I was able to understand and use a UNIX tool that I’d been trying to learn on and off for a year, and 45 min later I was up and running!! was a great sense of satisfaction and I thank you for making it possible. I love em all but would reall like to see some more in the SHELL series and some Perl videos. your vim series turned this noob into a vi geek and I’ve never used another editor since! I know you’re busy but if there is any help I can provide as to take some burden off you and allow you to keep educating the masses, I would love to help in any way. your English is perfect and better than most native speakers but if it is ever necessary I can help with any confusing translations from either Manderin or Cantonese, Irish, and Japanese, not from “Google Translate” either ;) although I doubt you need it, I just wanted to throw that out there. I’m assuming from your name that you’re Chinese, sorry if I made a mistake. If I had $$ I would gladly donate but since I don’t at the moment I would love to help in anyway you may need. Thanks again, its individuals like yourself and fellow WP Bloggers, P. Krumins from “catonmat.com”, and Ramesh at “The Geek Stuff” that make the otherwise snooty UNIX/Linux a great community. take care and feel free to email with any help requests. Take care.

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