Planned Videos In Production

VIM-1.3 More VIM Commands
I will introduce the rest of VIM commands, vimdiff commands and we will be done with VIM commands. There are a lot more commands out there, but I only want to go through the most practical ones. 

VIM-1.4 VIM Configurations and Color Schemes
Learn how to configure VIM to use it like a charm, such as autoindent, tab size, search highlight and etc. Then we will move on to color schemes where you can customize your VIM editor to have your favorite theme and specific language syntax highlights. 

VIM-1.5 Installing VIM Plugins
I will demonstrate how to install Java plugins and Perl plugins. You will find it enjoyable to code with all the plugins available. Make sure to try out more plugins yourself.

And that concludes VIM series. Next I will continue on UNIX videos, covering hundreds of commands and shell script syntax. So stay tuned! :)