Tips for customizing your command prompt

Tips for customizing your command prompt

Check out this webpage for complete list of available command prompt customization, you gonna love your new command prompt :)

UNIX-1.10 Customize Command Prompt

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set -o vi – puts your command prompt into VI mode, allows you to execute VI commands
/command – search for command history, n for next match found, N for previous match found
PS1 – variable that holds text of your prompt
PS1=”\H” – displays host name
PS1=”\s” – name of shell
PS1=”\u” – current username
PS1=”\w” – current working directory
PS1=”\@” – current time
PS1=”[\\u@\\H \\W \\@]\\$” – try this
PS1=”\e[x;ym$PS1\e[m” – \e[ starts the color mode, x;ym specifys color, \e[m ends color mode. x;y can be 0;30 to 0;37
case $(id -u) in
0) PS1=”${PS1}# “;;
*) PS1=”${PS1}$ “;;
alias name=”command -options” – creating alias/shortcut commands
alias vi=’vim’
alias ls=’ls -F’
alias ll=’ls -l’
alias la=’ls -la’
alias cp=’cp -ip’
alias mv=’mv -i’