VIM-1.5 VIM Plugin Samples and Installation

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Perl-Support –
\isu – inserts a subroutine
\cfu – inserts subroutine header
\cfr – comment frame
\rr – save and quit and run
\cc – toggles comment current line

SnipMate –
snipmate cannot use set paste, comment it out

tComment –
highlight + gc – toggles multiple lines
gcc – toggles single line

:MRU – to see most recently used files

FuzzyFinder –
Pre-req: L9 vim plugin –
:FufFile – quickly find the file you want

NERDTree –
:NERDTree – opens up file tree
enable mouse=a to be able to click around
? for more shortcuts, ? again to return
t – open in new tab, go to new tab
T – open in new tab
i – open in split screen
enter or o to expand directory
:Bookmark bookmarkName
B toggles list of bookmarks
q – to quit NERDTree

Matrix –

Useful Resources: