VIM-1.1 Vim Editor Introduction

Here are a list of VIM commands used in this video:
i – insert mode
a – append and insert
s – replace and insert
o – create new line and insert
:set number – display line number
esc – return to command mode
gg – go to first line of file
G – go to last line of file
:100 – go to line 100
:.,$d – delete all lines between current cursor to end of file
D – delete from cursor to end of line
J – concatenate 2 lines
/pattern – forward search for pattern
?pattern – backward search for pattern
$ – go to end of line
0 – go to beginning of line
:wq – save and quit
:q! – quit without saving
:e! – restore all changes since opening of file
n – find next match
N – find previous match
ZZ – save and quit