UNIX Videos

UNIX Videos
UNIX-1.1 Environment Setup and Introduction
UNIX-1.2 UNIX Introduction and Basic Commands
UNIX-1.3 UNIX Commands and Options
UNIX-1.4 Sort and Sed Commands
UNIX-1.5 Awk, Cut, Last, Wc Commands
UNIX-1.6 grep, useradd, usermod commands
UNIX-1.7 Find Command
UNIX-1.8 ps, netstat, kill, pidof, fuser, awk commands
UNIX-1.9 .bash_profile vs .bashrc
UNIX-1.10 Customize Command Prompt
UNIX-1.11 zip, basename, mktemp, script and rcs commands
UNIX-1.12 SSH Command
UNIX-1.13 Pipes and Redirection
UNIX-1.14 curl command basics
UNIX-1.15 rsync command part 1

VIM-1.1 VIM Introduction
VIM-1.2 VIM Commands
VIM-1.3 More VIM Editor Commands
VIM-1.4 VIM Configuration and Color Scheme
VIM-1.5 VIM Plugin Samples and Installation
VIM-1.6 More VIM Shortcuts and Tips

SHELL-1.1 Shell Script Introduction and Basics

12 thoughts on “UNIX Videos

  1. You are great!! I really like your videos!
    Some of the things you explain are very useful to me at work.
    Keep it up!

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